Crystalline Tribe is a space for anyone that needs a change of perspective in their lives.
A place for healing in all forms. This is a community where your wounds will be accepted, addressed and then overcome.

As partners, Celeste and myself, are hoping to expand awareness and provide tools to help shift your energy, heal and introduce you to the world of using crystals in your everyday life. Everything in the universe has a vibration. Crystals have a vibration. If we apply different modalities, we can heal our mind, body and spirit.

We will continue to grow our community by adding resources and practitioners that provide multiple methods of holistic and alternative healing. When we heal the whole person, mind, body and spirit, we raise our vibrations and find the peace and healing we have all been looking for.

As a practitioner myself, I hope I can take your everyday beliefs and give you a different perspective to approach life. Imagine a world where our children learn to believe in “magic” and through this belief system, magic becomes reality.

Welcome to the Tribe – Amanda (Lux Healing Arts)