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Did you ever wonder what pre-determined traits you were born with? Why certain things in life just don’t seem to work for you, even though we have been socially conditioned to believe you “should” be able to do them?
Our astrology and birth map can help us dive into the pre-determined traits that we were born with. This information can help us find the areas within us that we can focus on for growth and give us some insight into who we are and the way we can approach situations that work better for our design and personality. Our world of “just do it” doesn’t work for 93% of you! I am a Manifestor by design, so I am part of the 7% that this actually does work for.
The “You are the Stars” charts are a mix of traditional astrology, human design, and a sprinkle of my own intuitive messages and tips.

✨ This is a unique gift for the moon lover in your life!

🌙 Each chart is emailed to you in an easy to read document that you can save or print out.

✨ The charts are an average of 12-14 pages of foundation information that will help you understand yourself on a deeper level.

🌙 I go over each chart with you individually either in person or via zoom after it is done. 


Feel free to email me with any questions or to set up a discovery call. I

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