Soul Aligned Parenting

Crystalline Tribe


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Soul Aligned Parenting

Empower your children to fulfill their potential by understanding and working with their unique energy. This will help them feel seen and your family dynamic feel more balanced. 

  • Sessions tailored family size
  • Individual and family Aura Type, Strategy, and Authority alignment
  • Tools for reprogramming and reconditioning limiting beliefs
  • Voxer App support – Flexibility to reach out to me whenever you have questions, need guidance, or want to discuss an aspect of your journey. I will respond when I am available (within 12 hours) and we can have back and forth conversation.
  • Text-based Information about the family's Aura types, strategy, and authority along with session notes
  • Option to record all 1:1 sessions
  • 30 min pre-scheduled calls to address in-the-moment shifts


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