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Oct 23 – Nov 21


Scorpios are very focused, passionate, and determined. This sign rules magic and they have a depth within them to want to change the world.


They are the most sensual sign of the zodiac. Scorpio woman can merge emotions and sex in a perfect balance. There is a mystery and magic about her that is often misunderstood due to her deep emotions and strong sexual side. Add in her “magic” and it can seem like a dark dream if you don’t take the time to learn more about what is driving her passion.


The Scorpio man is deep, emotional, loyal, and giving. He can be brutally honest. Sometimes these traits can come off as being mistrustful, possessive, and jealous. Scorpios will hang out on the sidelines, always watching what everyone else is doing while plotting their own plans. One of their lessons on this earth is to learn how to be powerful.

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone that will help Scorpios with their dark side. It grounds and protects from negative energies and thoughts. This stone can suck up dense negative energy and cleanse, purify, and transmute it into positive energy.

Red Jasper helps balance and remove energy blockages. Red represents energy, determination, and passion to a Scorpio. This is a good stone to overcome addictions or compulsive behaviors. This stone will help ignite that passionate side and will enhance sensitivities.

Smoky Quartz helps release negative energy from the body. Scorpios tend to conceal their emotions so they can show others that they have a calm and peaceful nature. Known for relieving stress, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and other negative emotions by transforming them into positive energies. Smoky quartz is a stabilizing stone for enhancing and encouraging confidence and inner strength.

Malachite will help Scorpio’s align with their true purpose. It helps clear triggers and gain clarity.  When you bring emotions to the surface and see them for what they are, then can you truly be honest and transform into your higher self.


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