Leo Crystal Set

Crystalline Tribe


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Leo Crystal Pack - Crystalline Tribe
Leo Crystal Pack - Crystalline Tribe



Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Healing Colors: Gold, Orange, Yellow.

"I accept that I am destined to leave my mark on this world, I allow my destiny to unfold perfectly now"

The lion of the zodiac! Leo's are warm and natural leaders. Their simple presence encourages and inspires others to be their best! They love being praised for a job well done, and it is easy for them to let their enthusiasm and optimism shine.  They are known for being creative, passionate, and generous with their affection and love.

Citrine is all about personal will, free-thinking, and the realization of hopes and dreams. Citrine magnifies powers of manifestation, activates the thinking process, and enhances mental clarity.

Tiger's Eye is a truly powerful stone when used correctly. The stone of courage and protection.  Roman soldiers wore the stone in the battle to deflect weapons and bring the energy of bravery. Tiger's Eye amplifies the qualities of other stones it is used with. It will help you accomplish your goals by enhancing your focus and creativity.

Quartz is a powerful clearing stone. Known as one of the master healing crystals. Any intention can be programmed into this stone so it can be used to heal any condition it is needed for. They can take on the energy of any situation. Balances all chakras and can be used with any other crystal to amplify its properties.

Amethyst is an all-around stone. Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, place in the office for help with business decisions.  It helps with emotional stability, encourages inner strength and clarity of the mind. Magnifies the crown chakra.

Leo Crystal Pack - Crystalline Tribe
Leo Crystal Pack - Crystalline Tribe

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