Kid's "Magic Pouch"

Crystalline Tribe


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Kid's "Magic Pouch" - Crystalline Tribe
Kid's "Magic Pouch" - Crystalline Tribe

The Kid's Crystal Pack includes stones to support and strengthen a child's delicate energy. Help them set intentions and believe in magic!

This pack includes:

Fluorite: Fluorite aids in communication. It supports decision making and can support self-confidence. 

Quartz: The "Master Healer"! You can tell your children that they can program this stone with any intention they would like. Then ask them to find the rainbows within it. 

Amethyst: This is a protection stone. This is a calming stone. Leave it by a child's bedside to ward off nightmares. 

Rose Quartz: This is a stone of self-love. The vibration of loving energy helps calm their emotions. 

Tiger's Eye: The stone of courage and protection. It will help children accomplish their goals by enhancing your focus and creativity.

The pack comes with a muslin pouch and info card about your stones!

Kid's "Magic Pouch" - Crystalline Tribe
Kid's "Magic Pouch" - Crystalline Tribe

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