Shungite Plate

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Shungite Healing Properties

EMF Protection ~ Purifying ~ Balancing

Shungite is an ultimate purifier, balancer, and grounding tool.

This mineral is 2 billion years old and comes from only one place on Earth, the Russian region of Karelia. Not only is Shungite one of our most powerful protectors against electromagnetic frequencies but it is also a purifier and proven to absorb toxic energies.

Shungite’s composition of high carbon 3D balls allows the mineral to change the properties of harmful radiation. This makes it a perfect stone to have in your home, office, or bedroom.

Shungite works with your root chakra creating stability and can be beneficial for stress. It has also been known to remove toxicity, negativity, and emotionally draining energy.

These plates are a great option to put your phone at night!

4" x 4" Plate

All crystals are unique, colors may vary slightly 

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