SHIFT - A Course for a positive Mindset

✨ SHIFT is a program created by us! Amanda and Mishayla. Two best friends who have been on the ride of life together for 20 years. We decided to create this program to bring awareness to simple, small techniques and practices that can create a SHIFT in your mindset. We all need help with this sometimes! Imagine if you had the tools to create this for yourself? If we can live in a vibration of gratitude for our life, we  will feel more balanced and we will genuinely feel more happiness.

As partners we have both taken a journey down this path of gratitude and there is a clear difference between before our “shift” and after. We have both dealt with anxiety, depression, unhealthy life choices, divorce, stress, death and grief. We know dysfunction well and have been in emotionally abusive relationships. We are living proof that shifting small practices and using these tools will change your entire experience of life and how you live it. You will shift your mindset and start to see yourself differently. Your perspective of your world will change around you.

We are here to help you create healthy lifestyle habits which will bring more energy and more creativity. These tools will give you the power to manage stress more efficiently and those heavy days will feel more manageable.

This is an online course that you can do at your own pace or you can join our next 1:1 Coaching Session for support from the both of us.  There is a SHIFT Facebook group to join so all of us can support each other on this journey.

We want you to succeed and we are here to make that happen!
Next SHIFT 1:1 Coaching Course starts Tuesday, June 15th!

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SHIFT - Crystalline Tribe
SHIFT - Crystalline Tribe
SHIFT - Crystalline Tribe
SHIFT - Crystalline Tribe
SHIFT - Crystalline Tribe



SHIFT - A 6-week course to Shift your Mindset

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If you would like more info on SHIFT or if you would like to schedule a 1:1 with one of the coaches, feel free to reach out below.