Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive, Medium…. These are all words you hear thrown around all the time in the last few years, but in reality, what do they mean? Just like everything in life they are all relative. All these terms resonate differently with each person that speaks them and with each person that uses them as a title.

My name is Celeste Anderson. I may fall into most of those categories above to a lot of people, but I prefer to consider myself a teacher. A teacher of tools to help you become your own life coach, spiritual advisor, intuitive and even a medium (if you choose to open yourself to those skills). I believe I have been put here to help raise the vibration and open people’s hearts to a different kind of thinking.

Like most of us, when I was younger, I could see and talk to Spirit. It was around the age of nine when I stopped because my parents convinced me it was not okay to be talking to an “imaginary” boy in my closet. When I had children, I realized how in tune my daughter was and I wanted to support her journey. I knew she was connected to my father and I was not going to discredit that or make her think that was abnormal.

My adult years were spent raising my four beautiful children. After my youngest graduated high school, I moved to San Diego to find myself. My younger years had left my mental health taxed and at this point in my life I was in a very dark place again. I needed to find my path and try to figure out my purpose outside of being a mother. While in San Diego, I found a Spiritualist Church and an amazing group of people that helped change my life forever. I began my healing. Through healing I began to open up to gifts that were always inside of me that I had tuned out and shut off. These gifts began to lead me down my true-life path.

I spent the next four years training, learning and healing. I found myself diving into everything metaphysical. I took classes in Reiki healing, Chakra Balancing, Energy Work, attended seminars on the Bengston Healing Method and Arcturian Healing. I attended my Spiritualist Church twice weekly and participated in circles at least 2 to 3 times weekly. Took classes on Remote Viewing, Palm Reading, Angel Card Reading and Mediumship Development. I moved back to SLC in 2018 to take care of my mother. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do but I knew it had to be in the realm of Spiritualism. I have slowly built my coaching practice up and I am seeing clients for sessions in Energy Work, Intuitive Coaching and Mediumship Readings. I love all these things, but my true passion is in the classes that I teach and the Healing Circles that I lead.

Taking all these classes made me realize I did not want to specialize in one thing. I wanted to take pieces of all these modalities and intuitively apply them to each individual. I want to teach you how to heal and think for yourself. We need to reconnect to our hearts and realize that the heart is our life line to all decision making. If we are connected to our heart center, we will begin to make decisions that serve our true-self and our greater good. I don’t want clients that I see to become dependent on seeing me every week. I won’t be another “drug” in anyone’s life that is needed to help make decisions or life choices. I want to empower you to go deep within yourself, reconnect to your heart center, stand in your true being and claim back your POWER.

Available by Appointment and Remote Sessions via Phone or Zoom.

Teacher: I hold classes in home settings for smaller more intimate groups of 8-12 and also larger groups of 12-32. Kid’s Meditation/Mindfulness, Mediumship Development, Talking to Spirit-Adult/Teens/Kids, Working with a Pendulum, Remote Viewing, Girl’s Night Out, Forgiveness and Self Love, Release and Intention Setting, Clearing a Space, Energy Healing/Chakra Balancing and Healing Circles.
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