Virgo Crystal Set

Crystalline Tribe


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Virgo Crystal Pack - Crystalline Tribe
Virgo Crystal Pack - Crystalline Tribe


August 23 - September 22

Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable- Flexible
Color: Tan, Sage, Navy Blue

"I breath in the perfection of the elements, and breath out any destructive tendencies."

Virgo's are detail-oriented and value order and neatness. This is why it's important that they are mindful of their perfectionism, as it can cause unnecessary worry and stress.  With words of encouragement and gratitude from peers and family, they can finish any task at hand and will gladly do so!  

Jade is known to bring luck and prosperity. It will empower you to make wise decisions and helps you to excel persistently and thrive in your goals. It clears negativity, and soothing energy is a powerful source of emotional healing.

Amazonite is known as the "Hope stone". This stone will bring you back to your truth, it will boost your confidence, hope, and guide you when you're feeling stuck. It promotes joy and love.  It's a great stone to meditate with to help release fear, doubt, or any worries

Moss Agate helps us root down and connect with Earth's energy. It helps us protect our aura and releases what isn't ours so we can shine authentically.

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, place in the office for help with business decisions.  It helps with emotional stability, encourages inner strength and clarity of the mind. Magnifies the crown chakra.

Virgo Crystal Pack - Crystalline Tribe
Virgo Crystal Pack - Crystalline Tribe

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