Tranquil Mala

Crystalline Tribe


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Tranquil Mala : Sandalwood - Turquoise - White Lava Guru Bead

Traditional 108 bead Mala


This Mala was created to be worn to bring relaxation and peace. 

Sandalwood is an ancient metaphysical tool. Buddhists believe it is a perfect meditation tool that can help bring a sense of awareness and achieve relaxation at a higher level.

Turquoise is considered one of the "master healer" stones and it's healing properties are beneficial for the entire body, not only on a physical level but also spiritual. This stone is perfect for finding wholeness and truth, and communicating and manifesting those qualities. Guru Bead is a White Lava Stone which can be used as a carrier for your favorite essential oil.

Every bead is hand-knotted and set with LOVE and INTENTION by the Crystalline Tribe.

All crystals are unique and may vary in size and color. 


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