Peaceful Warrior Kit

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Peaceful Warrior Kit


Here at Crystalline Tribe, we believe that our paths are each our own. Not always easy or calm but we follow them based on our decisions and intent. We create our future. The choice is ours. 

Kit Includes:

Celestite Stone: Stone of the angels. Boost your psychic abilities and boost your vibration. It works with the top three chakras (throat, third eye, and crown) so it aids in a spiritual balancing. It eliminates toxins that are caused by stress and chronic tension.

Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone: Provides psychic protection by clearing the mind and senses. Balances the feminine and masculine energies within yourself. A great stone to balance a woman’s menstrual cycle or fertility cycles. Also, a calming stone to aid in sleep.

Personal Power: Crafted for the Solar Plexus Chakra - Ginger Oil + Citrine for personal power. The spicy warm scent of ginger is known to make a person feel confident, courageous and self-assured. Citrine magnifies powers of manifestation. Activates the thinking process and enhances mental clarity.

Intuitive Stone (not pictured)A member of the Crystalline Tribe will intuitively pick a tumbled stone to go with your kit. This stone will be picked specifically for you and will vary from kit to kit. We believe in energy and know our guides will help us choose a stone that will benefit you at this moment. 

Sage: Burning sage — also known as smudging — is an ancient Native American Tradition. Use sage to clear unwanted energies from yourself or your space. Sage is one of the ingredients used in many anti-inflammatory compounds.  

Abalone Shell: Native Americans believed that using the Abalone and Sage together brought their messages to their Spirit Guides. The Abalone shell like the water the abalone originates from, will give strength, yet calm and soothe the burning flames of emotion with its gentle flow. Using the Abalone Shell in your smudging ceremony brings in the 4 elements. Abalone Shell represents water. The sage represents earth. The burning is the fire. Lastly, air is represented by the smoke.

Selenite: A powerful tool to help clear your crystals and your space. Place crystals on selenite for a few hours to clear their energy. 




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