Intuitive Moon Mala

Crystalline Tribe


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Intuitive Moon Mala

This mala brings soothing energy to calm your mind when focusing on your daily practices. Embrace the different healing properties while wearing it and attract more abundance into your life

Traditional 108 bead Mala 

White Jade: Peace ~ Purify ~ Prosperity

Amazonite: Personal Truth ~ Hope ~ Intuition

Howlite Turquoise: Hope ~ Mentality ~ Creativity 

Impression Jasper:
Balance ~ Clarity ~ Inner Peace

Lavender Amethyst: Heal ~ Release Negative Energy ~ Mentality

Lepidolite: Anxiety Relief ~ Love ~ Connection

Amethyst: Spirituality ~ Abundance ~ Protection

Labradorite: Clarity ~ Cosmic ~ Consciousness

Mystic Gray Aura Quartz: Balance ~ Purifying ~  Higher Conciousness

Finished with an amethyst moon, for emotional stability and clarity of the mind.

Every bead is hand-knotted and set with LOVE and INTENTION by the Crystalline Tribe.

All crystals are unique, colors, and size may vary slightly.

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