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MANIFEST Kit - Crystalline Tribe
MANIFEST Kit - Crystalline Tribe
MANIFEST Kit - Crystalline Tribe

Manifest Intention Kit

This is an amazing ritual to do on the New Moon but can also be done any time that works best for you.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Since ancient civilizations, there has been an understanding of the power of the moon and the effects, we feel from its energy. The vibration of the Earth is rising at a rapid rate with consciousness growing every day. Let’s ground, connect to the energy, and manifest!

What comes in the kit:

  • Directions to perform a Manifest Ritual
  • Directions to set up the manifesting grid
  • One piece of Palo Santo
  • (4) 2.5” pieces of Selenite
  • (4) Quartz Tumbled Stones
  • (4) Green Bloodstone Tumbled Stones
  • (4) Citrine Tumbled Stones
  • (1) Pyrite Tumbled Stone


Palo Santo – Used to clear and bring positive energy to your intention setting.

Selenite – For clearing, connection, and consciousness. Inspires you to release any insecurities and reach for your desires. Selenite is all about purity and honesty and inspires activation and reaching to a higher plane.

Quartz – The “master” healer. A powerful clearing stone. Any intention can be programmed into this stone so it can be used to heal any condition it is needed for. They can take on the energy of any situation. Balances all chakras and can be used with any other crystal to amplify its properties

Green Bloodstone – This stone will increase success and can be an aid in attracting money. Can bring good luck and good health.

Citrine – Enhances your ability to manifest anything you desire. Program it with your intentions you would like to see happen in the moon energy. Citrine is all about personal will, free-thinking, and the realization of hopes and dreams. Citrine magnifies powers of manifestation, activates the thinking process, and enhances mental clarity.  

Pyrite - A stone to promote positive thinking and manifestation. Known as “fool’s gold” or “fortune stone”. It encourages you to overcome feelings of being inadequate and live your life to the fullest.




MANIFEST Kit - Crystalline Tribe
MANIFEST Kit - Crystalline Tribe
MANIFEST Kit - Crystalline Tribe

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