Tranquil Water Kit

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Tranquil Water Kit


Inner peace has to be the most amazing gift we can give ourselves. We are all human. None of us are perfect. Finding a place of forgiveness and peace within ourselves is an important lesson for us all to learn. Whether it is meditation, yoga, self-affirmations.... find your inner peace. 

Kit Includes:

Amethyst Cluster:  A crystal powerhouse. It helps in spirituality, abundance, and protection. It helps you with emotional stability. Magnifies the crown chakra. (The picture shows a cluster but this is currently an amethyst point. New picture coming soon.)

Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stone: Brings serenity, helps with cooperation and survival instincts. Smoky Quartz is a powerful shielding stone that protects against negative energy and bad vibes. It's excellent for elevating moods and overcoming negative emotional blockages. Known for relieving stress, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and other negative emotions by transforming them into positive energies. Smoky quartz is a stabilizing stone for enhancing and encouraging confidence and inner strength.

Cosmic Connection: Crafted for the Crown ChakraFrankincense + Moonstone for the crown chakra. Frankincense is a wonderful all-around essential oil. It is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant, expectorant, and inspires purification and centering of the mind, body, and spirit. Moonstone helps you to look within using the powerful tool of self-observation for self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Intuitive Stone (not pictured)A member of the Crystalline Tribe will intuitively pick a tumbled stone to go with your kit. This stone will be picked specifically for you and will vary from kit to kit. We believe in energy and know our guides will help us choose a stone that will benefit you at this moment. 

Sage: Burning sage — also known as smudging — is an ancient Native American Tradition. Use sage to clear unwanted energies from yourself or your space. Sage is one of the ingredients used in many anti-inflammatory compounds.  

Abalone Shell: Native Americans believed that using the Abalone and Sage together brought their messages to their Spirit Guides. The Abalone shell like the water the abalone originates from, will give strength, yet calm and soothe the burning flames of emotion with its gentle flow. Using the Abalone Shell in your smudging ceremony brings in the 4 elements. Abalone Shell represents water. The sage represents earth. The burning is the fire. Lastly, air is represented by the smoke.

Selenite: A powerful tool to help clear your crystals and your space. Place crystals on selenite for a few hours to clear their energy. 



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