Libra Bracelet Set

Crystalline Tribe


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Libra Bracelet Set - Crystalline Tribe
Libra Bracelet Set - Crystalline Tribe
Libra Bracelet Set - Crystalline Tribe

Libra Bracelet Set

Libra (23 September – 23 October)


Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Rose Quartz with Hematite Bead


Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Pink and Green
Lucky Number: 4, 6 and 13
Compatibility: Aries and Sagittarius

Those born under the sign of Libra tend to be quickly misjudged as indecisive souls, when in fact you are the exact opposite. Libras just like to take their time and weigh all options before making the best, most fair decision. Often seen as very charming, Libra is a sign that will only be frustrated and unhappy if they think or feel that they haven't been treated fairly.

We can call this the sign of Partnership with a capital ‘P’ because these folks do not want to be alone! For you Libra, everything is better if it’s done as a pair. You are good when paired up, too, since Libras epitomize balance, harmony and a sense of fair play. While you are true team players at work, your favorite partnership is at home, through marriage. Libras feel most complete when they are coupled up with their lover, forever.

You don’t always share or reveal your feelings, especially when it is bound to create arguments. Libras have a sharp dislike of conflict, sometimes making you rather avoidant when it comes to confrontation. However, those negative feelings don’t just disappear, and your constant bottling up of feelings can mean you are either passive-aggressive or explode one day after the smallest infraction.

Lapis Lazuli is a great stone to help you trust your intuition and speak your truth. Rose Quartz will aid you in the balance of giving and receiving Love and Turquoise will help keep you centered and heighten all six senses.


Lapis Lazuli 6mm Women's or Men's

Turquoise 6mm Women's or Men's

Rose Quartz with Hematite Bead 8mm Women's or Men's 

Handmade by the Crystalline Tribe with LOVE.

All crystals are unique in color. 

These are not hair elastics. When wearing or removing bracelets, please gently roll on and off your wrist. All crystals are unique, colors may vary slightly. 

Libra Bracelet Set - Crystalline Tribe
Libra Bracelet Set - Crystalline Tribe
Libra Bracelet Set - Crystalline Tribe

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