"I AM" Bracelet

Crystalline Tribe


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"I AM" Bracelet - Crystalline Tribe
"I AM" Bracelet - Crystalline Tribe

I AM Healing Properties

Tiger's Eye ~ Hematite ~ Howlite ~ Blue Tiger's Eye


This will pass. My Eyes are on the horizon.

Tiger’s Eye - The Stone of Protection.  The earthy tones will help keep your feet firmly planted in the earth, while the golden tones will remind you that this too shall pass and the sun will rise tomorrow, just keep your eyes on the horizon. Hematite was chosen to keep you grounded and aid in transforming any negative energy around you into positive.  Howlite to calm your emotions and remind you to have patience with yourself.  Blue Tiger’s Eye rounds out this bracelet to ease depression and stress, allowing one to maintain emotional balance.

Women - 7 inches

Men - 8 inches

6mm Bracelet handmade by The Crystalline Tribe with love! 

These are not hair elastics. When wearing or removing bracelets, please gently roll on and off your wrist. All crystals are unique, colors may vary slightly. 

"I AM" Bracelet - Crystalline Tribe
"I AM" Bracelet - Crystalline Tribe

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