Boho Dreams Hoops

Crystalline Tribe


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We are obsessed with our new Boho Dream Hoop series! 


These bring out the fun, soulful vibes of whoever wears them. The 50mm hoop (about 2 inches) is lightweight and all the components are gold plated, including the hoop. 


Sunstone connects you to your personal power! It is a joyful stone that reflects the qualities of Light.  This stone aligns the heart's wisdom with the mind's inspirations. Stimulates leadership, humanitarianism, and sexuality.
Blue Apatite opens our throat chakra so we can communicate openly and honestly. It helps strengthen our psychic abilities, allowing us to have a deeper connection with the spiritual world and lucid dreaming. It's a great stone for inspiration, and to balance the areas in life where you’re feeling overwhelmed.
Blue Apatite has a brass triangle detail. 

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